Medium Tree


For Example:

  • Wild Plum – Harpephyllum caffrum
  • Water Pear – Syzigium guineense
  • Water Berry – Syzygium cordatum


Wild Plum

 Photo Geoff Nichols

The Wild Plum is an attractive evergreen tree that is useful as an ornamental garden tree and for attracting birds and butterflies into the garden. It is popularly planted as a street tree in a number of South African towns and cities. With its thick crown and somewhat drooping leaves,the wild plum is a good shade tree in the garden.

The wild plum is a large, evergreen tree that grows up to 15 m tall, and is usually found in riverine forests. The main stem is clean and straight, but the forest form often has supporting buttress roots. The bark is smooth when young, becoming rough, dark grey-brownas it grows older. Branches are curved bowed upwards, with leaves crowded towards the ends, forming a thick crown at the top of the tree.

Water Berry


Syzygium cordatum

This beautiful tree (pronounced si-zig-ee-um) is home to many birds and insects.  It is an evergreen, water-loving tree, which grows to a height of 8 -15 m. This tree is often found near streams, on forest margins or in swampy spots. The leaves are elliptic to circular, bluish green on top and a paler green below. Young leaves are reddish. The white to pinkish fragrant flowers are borne in branched terminals and have numerous fluffy stamens and produce abundant nectar. It flowers from August to November. The fruits are oval berries, red to dark-purple when ripe.

Water Pear

Stem of Syzygium guineense

This is a lovely medium-sized to large evergreen tree with a smooth greyish-white single stem on young trees and beautiful purplish-red young leaves. This handsome tree is grown in gardens for its deep shade. It usually grows up to 15-20m high.